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Why take the chance of having your heart broken?


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Brawn Stroker’s Dragula, Yum, and Catopia are now available in print and e-book format!

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Ybor City, Florida. November 1999

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, lowly female impersonator Chris Reynolds brings a mysterious stranger home. In the four-day weekend which follows, Chris and his friends become embroiled in the secret world of Dr. Stephen Bartow, a reluctant & incompetent vampire who only wants his humanity restored so he can return to his one true love. Yet they are all in danger when a demon from Dr. Stephen’s past returns to destroy them.

One romantic evening gone wrong for Chris and his alter ego Dee Flaytable is forever transformed into a formidable creature of the night– fabulous and seductive, her siren’s song captivates every audience. But can she triumph in the face of true evil?

When the Vampire Queens battle, who will win?

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The Big Cat Upstairs rewards Clarabella for her life as a Good Kitty by appointing her as a guardian angel. Clarabella is flummoxed by an apparent mix-up: instead of watching over her beloved pet Andie, she finds herself attached to Andie’s father, Bobby.

Andie believes her father is a lonely, widowed cat hoarder. Clarabella discovers that Andie is wrong; Bobby’s life is filled with friendship, love, happiness, and cats. Lots and lots of cats.

When one of Bobby’s cats tries to kill him, Andie fears the worst. Fortunately, Clarabella is there to save him. But can she protect Bobby from his own daughter?

Catopia is a romantic comedy for cats and their human pets.

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Nebraska, 2102.

Animals have long since evolved to speech, attained multi-species equality and learned to work alongside humans. They are protected from slaughter throughout the world in all but a handful of countries and people of all species live together in harmony.

Until the feedings begin.

Throughout the Midwest, people are suddenly being eaten. The authorities are baffled by the rash of carnivorous crimes and they stumble through futile investigations which provide no answers. Americans live in fear and suspicion of their Neighbor to the Northwest; the carnivorous people of nearby New Canada are automatically blamed for the feedings.

As a young man, Doctor James Lewis championed for animal rights and transformed the nation. Six decades later, Jim’s great-granddaughter Emily exists in the shadow of his legacy. Her senile great-grandfather slowly loses his identity as she struggles to find her own. When Jim and Emily face exile in New Canada they must stop the carnage before they become tasty snacks.

Yum uses the time-honored device of anthropomorphism with fresh irreverence; a goth pig, a cow facing an unplanned pregnancy, a sorority turkey, a sex-crazed border collie and a mentally deficient chicken add to the colorful cast of characters. The story is a fast-paced thriller with an abundance of humor and romance.

George Orwell meets George A. Romero in this mouthwatering, darkly comedic horror story.


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