Use the answer key below to score yourself. Give yourself a point for each correct answer.


Who Said It in frame copy
Answer Key:
1. Tyrion Lannister, GOT    2. The Witch, ITW    3. Ensemble, ITW    
4. Eddard Stark, GOT    5. The Witch, ITW  6. Grandmother, ITW    
7. Cinderella’s Prince, ITW    8. Eddard Stark, GOT    9. The Witch, ITW   
10. Ensemble, ITW   11. Little Red, ITW   12. The Witch, ITW   
13. Daenerys Targaryen, GOT  14. The Baker, ITW   15. Eddard Stark, GOT   
16. Eddard Stark, GOT   17. The Witch, ITW   18. Daenerys Targaryen, GOT    
19. The Witch, ITW    20. The Witch, ITW    21. Arya Stark, GOT
22. The Baker, ITW    23.The Baker’s Wife, ITW    24.Cinderella’s Prince, ITW   
25. The Witch, ITW    26. Tyrion Lannister, GOT    27. The Baker & His Wife, ITW    
28. The Witch, ITW    29. Old Nan, GOT   30. Ensemble- ITW    
31. Jack, ITW    32. Petyr Baelish, GOT    33. Cersei Lannister, GOT
34. Little Red, ITW    35. The Witch, ITW    36. Rapunzel’s Prince, ITW    
37. Cinderella, ITW   38. Varys, GOT    39. The Witch, ITW    
40. Cinderella’s Prince, ITW    41. Gendry, GOT   42. The Mysterious Man, ITW    
43. The Baker, ITW    44. Jack’s Mom, ITW    45. Ser Jorah Mormont, GOT
46. Tyrion Lannister, GOT    47. The Baker’s Wife, ITW    48. Theon Greyjoy, GOT    
49. Melisandre, GOT   50. The Narrator, ITW    51. The Baker & his Wife, ITW    
52. Cersei Lannister, GOT    53. The Baker’s Wife, ITW   54. The Witch, ITW    
55. Ramsay Snow, GOT

How did you do?

45-55 Points– You’re TYRION LANNISTER!


A very small man can cast a very large shadow. Clearly you’re the smartest person in all of the Seven Kingdoms. Congratulations!

44-34 Points– You’re LORD VARYS!


Your knowledge is a far more valuable commodity than any physical goods, including your manhood. You are truly a cockless wonder!

23-33 Points– You’re SAMWELL TARLY!


You may be a big fat craven, but at least you have your intellect to fall back on.

22-11 Points– You’re SANSA STARK!  


You’re good at sewing, embroidery, poetry, and music, but you’re a terrible judge of character and you’re naive. Your father lost his head because you didn’t use yours. Better luck next time!

10 POINTS or less —  HODOR!!!


Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor!


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