It's What's For Dinner.

Animals have long since evolved to speech, attained multi-species equality and learned to work alongside humans. They are protected from slaughter throughout the world in all but a handful of countries and people of all species live together in harmony.

Until the feedings begin.

Run, Bunny, Run! Throughout the Midwest, people are suddenly being eaten. The authorities are baffled by the rash of carnivorous crimes and they stumble through futile investigations which provide no answers. Americans live in fear and suspicion of their Neighbor to the Northwest; the carnivorous people of nearby New Canada are automatically blamed for the feedings.

As a young man, Doctor James Lewis championed for animal rights and transformed the nation. Six decades later, Jim’s great-granddaughter Emily exists in the shadow of his legacy. Her senile great-grandfather slowly loses his identity as she struggles to find her own. When Jim and Emily face exile in New Canada they must stop the carnage before they become tasty snacks.

Searching for Nancy...

Eddie, Alice and Emily search for Nancy.

Yum uses the time-honored device of anthropomorphism with fresh irreverence; a goth pig, a cow facing an unplanned pregnancy, a sorority turkey, a sex-crazed border collie and a mentally deficient chicken add to the colorful cast of characters. The story is a fast-paced thriller with an abundance of humor and romance.

George Orwell meets George A. Romero in this mouthwatering, darkly comedic horror story.

No one eats my babies!

No one eats my babies!


Music by Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra.
Please support the artist! http://amandapalmer.net/


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